Comet Travel Key to Future?

This blog post comes from the late lunar landing of the space probe launched by nasa a few years ago that traveled 300 million miles only to land on a passing comet. Technology is vastly growing, huge applause to the guys at nasa who planned that route perfectly – after using the earth three times, and mars twice, to gather speed and “slingshot” into the deep space – and catching a comet at the perfect time. I am taking a different approach to a blog post this week, debating the question that was a recently brought up by Jose Canseco who is actually getting attention and bringing up good points; stating that “Comet travel is the key to our survival and future”.

Interstellar, a movie that has been in the theaters for a little while now, is opening ideas and imaginations to what life is like outside of earth. The movie is in the time where earth is failing, resources diminishing, and humans need to move to survive. So what planet can hold species? The comet travel can help with travel and has been mentioned as a possible “space taxi”, as well as a great way for interstellar trade. This reasoning is backed up by how comets are their own power source, and are faster than anything we could ever build, which automatically gets rid of two of the most important factors. Many people have already been interested with the idea that there are extraterrestrial life outside of our planets, and from jose’s statements many believe the aliens are using comets and have been for many eons. 14759554777_a897c0aec6_qPhoto courtesy of flikr user and exploration services, SETI

I am fascinated with space and technology, but I am not leaning a specific way from these statements. I like the idea of aliens somewhere in the galaxy, theres no reason there can’t be any, but I find it hard to believe that they are as popular as many believe and I am definitely not going to focus my life on conspiracies of such things. I think it is great that there are explorations into deep space, and the idea of space travel to the moon and back and around the earth is becoming more and more of a reality, so even though these ideas may sound crazy right now they could be a reality tomorrow. I also read an article in my research for this blog post, about a japanese company that is trying to build a space elevator; an elevator that will go from the earth to the moon. This will bring supplies to the future space depot on the moon, and wealthy tourists who want to go on the ride of their life.