500 words equal a minute

To begin my day I wake up to the sound of the birds outside of my window chirping along with the calming tones of my alarm clock breaking my deep sleep. I come to the realization that it must be 8am, and if I want to make it to the bus I need to get moving. After a shower that is most likely too hot, judging by the redness of my skin, I grab a water and a pop tart and prepare to see them freeze as I walk to the bus stop. As I am walking I think about what I have planned and what my day looks like, might get distracted by a guy racing to get to the bus just as it is leaving or even a squirrel on the sidewalk. Once I get to the bus stop, it is this moment that a decision has to be made – and even though it happens everyday I still puzzled by it each morning.

No it is not which bus route to choose, or if I should even go to class on this freezing day, but it is when the bus arrives and I step inside that I have to find a seat to sit at or continue to stand. But then once I find a spot, do am I going to be able to fit, because the guy next to me has a large coat on? Should I save a spot between me and the stranger? Alright so I decide to stand, but then where do I stand? Should I stand in the middle, no that won’t work because I will just have to move back once more people get on. Should I squeeze in the second exit, blocking the door but still out of the way of incoming students? The buses are great, and maybe I am the only person thinking about all of this, after all it is just a seat; but I think about it all the time when I get on the bus and I always am shocked at how many people choose to stand instead of sit in all the open seats. They must be thinking the same thing as me. We are all anti-social in the morning, we choose to throw our headphones in and freeze to class instead of be the talkative one on the bus. This is a very fast minute, but nonetheless it is a minute I go through everyday.

If I could tag this, I would probably use #BUSted #BusStopThoughts #iShouldHaveSleptInTheTempIsTooLow . Next time you get on the bus, think about all of this. Maybe I will see you standing next to me instead of trying to fit in between two people with large fluffy winter coats. I based this post off of the reading by Virginia Woolf. It was an interesting piece, it was very specific and brought up many good points that I don’t always find myself thinking about. And the way Rushkoff categorizes everything is also a fresh point of of view and it is very useful everyday.