Creative Process Review

After listening to people present their creative project his last week, I realized that my groups project is very similar to many peoples and that we are all able to somewhat “piggy-back” off all our ideas to form a better project. We are doing our project on happiness and how others are less happy because they are not allowing enough time in their life for the things that truly make them happy. Many people seem to have life figured out, with all the followers and likes and fiends on social media, but really they are lonely and this does not make them truly happy. Everyone wants to be popular and be seen as having the attention of all their peers, but does this really make them feel good?

That is the question we are trying to find out. By asking people to draw on a piece of paper what truly makes them happy, we are willing to bet that no one will draw a facebook icon or their number of likes on their last selfie on instragram and so on. Those sites appear to make one happy, but really they are just distractions mean nothing.

After we get people to draw what makes them happy we will ask them to describe why they drew that, then how they can get more of it in their life to make them happier, and last we will ask them what they can change from their life to get rid of the useless feelings such as television or social media. It is a creative process that combines social issues with happiness, to find the root of ones true happiness. We will present in by making a video and having audio of the people presenting their drawings, along with a picture of the people with their drawings, and then a picture of just the drawing itself.

We will do it in the CUB and we are prepared to encounter a couple challenges such as individuals being rushed for time, or people not putting enough effort into the drawing or explanation. This can hurt our presentation so we are looking  for serious people to volunteer only. Many people will be surprised by the results of this project, hopefully they will see that social media is not “everything” and that making a real friend and getting outside is better for the heart and happiness.