Five Key Principles

According to the David Gauntlett reading, there are five key principles of creativity and everyday life that everyone should understand before they go ahead and leave their mark on society. I am going to discuss numbers two and three of the key principles, I think they have the best meaning and can be referred to for more than just culture and digital trends.

2. The Drive to Make and Share

3. Happiness Through Creativity and Community

Most everyone likes to share their ideas and be noticed, but few are actually looking to be publicly recognized, or seeking an “external reward”. People want to be heard, in many cases that is just as good as becoming famous or getting a paycheck from your thoughts. David says that a creative mind is one of the most important things you can have in this world because it is what separates you from everyone else and it is key to a happy life.

12490904594_dc27fb1e60_q Picture compliments of Flickr user Jackson Dangremond.

Ones happiness is directly associated with their connections and relationships with others, according to David. I believe he has a great point with all of these principles because they bring up great points that everyone lives by but doesn’t always recognize. Creativity and creative projects are powerful and can influence ones self esteem, and since happiness is dependent on self esteem, the creative mind and projects go hand – in – hand. This being said, why is it that little to no reward is motivational and often pursued? If self esteem is the center of happiness, how can one feel confident about themselves without actually getting a response from others or getting noticed? David looks deeper into this question by opening up other key principles that will change how you think about your offline and online connections and relations.

Doing a project first hand and seeing it go from just a thought to a well – formed project helps a persons self esteem and is proven to make someone happier. Creativity can bring the community together and make new ideas come to life and bring relations closer. This article was very good to read, it showed how much creativity and imagination are overlooked yet are used every single day. It also showed how much happier someone is when they accomplish something, even if it isn’t noticed by everyone or getting a high reward, just the feeling of finishing a project makes you happy and raises your self esteem.