A Template of Hate

Watching Ze Franks presentation of “My web Playroom”, I liked the idea that he discussed at 11:44 min. It was the result of his “52 vs. 48” topic, in which he received a lot of hate mail and templates of hate along with other cruel stuff. However, Frank did not let that get to him because he saved all the disrespectful emails and turned them into a way to display happiness and change people’s moods. He called it “Angrigami”.

Ze is an online critical thinking enthusiast who challenges his audience to open their minds and be creative and look at things differently. Angrigami was just that, it has the initial reaction of sadness or confusion from the hate words written on the page, but once you look at the figure you can create with that paper your mood will improve. I have always been fascinated by origami, and how someone can see a dragon, a rose, or some other intricate shape in a small 4″x4″ piece of paper. Frank challenges his audience to look past the angry words on the paper and be creative and create something beautiful.

The responses he got were just that, one person made a hat for their cat, another made a rose honoring the passing of a family member. It is amazing that something so cruel can be so nice and make you think about a situation differently.

3032671822_7c0ecb4b6a_qAngrigami, “Koolaid” from Flickr user Peter Woodman

Angrigami was created for people who are not doing well, people who are sad and looking for motivation to get them through the day. It shows that you don’t have to take the hate, you can look past it and still be happy and go on with your day with a bright outlook on life. It was cool how he said that so many people sent him submissions of their creations with angrigami, I have never heard about it until now but it sounds like a lot of people liked the idea and used it to make it through their day.

This topic left me feeling positive, like there is more to life than just negativity and sadness; you can look past it and carry on with your day. Frank has helped many people become happier and feel special, he makes songs and videos and is a “go-to” guy for hard times. His positivity and creativity has sparked happiness in people all around the world and he will forever be a source of motivation.