New Worst Fears

I recently read an article from one of the Ted talks, that discussed whats happening in the world around us in a way that makes you re-think your experiences and daily activities when using social media.
You can tell that society is going in the wrong direction when people are starting to be afraid of losing their cellphone charger as opposed to swimming and finding themselves next to sharks or something actually scary. We live in a world where we find ourselves losing sleep at night because of a new iPhone game, or from social media, as opposed to reading a good book or listening to music like we did as little kids. Social media is not only changing our lives, it is shaping it.
ā€œIā€™m the kind of guy who falls asleep reading Twitter. At least once a month I get so caught up in an iPhone game I miss my subway stop. My love of the digital world has led me to a great career, but now it seemed my status as a tech-obsessed dad was hurting my son. When I bounced him on my lap and surfed the web, was that like second-hand smoke for his fragile young brain?ā€ – Ben Popper

This picture is taken from source and Flickr user DEVON CHRISTOPHER ADAMS.

This picture is taken from source and Flickr user DEVON CHRISTOPHER ADAMS.
There are people who are using digital media for everything in their life, and it is starting to break off and affect the people around them. Children are starting to become more tech savvy and it is showing because schools and parents all around the world and giving their children and students iPads and computers and using digital media to teach class or pass the time.
This class is no exception, on the very first day I was learning about blogs and how I would need to make one in order to do any work. I have never had a blog before, nor have I ever had to incorporate social media into my schoolwork; this is new to me but I don’t see it ever regressing. I imagine in the future professors will be using blogs, e readers, tablets, and all sorts of social media sites to conduct learning and ultimately save the environment because it will reduce paper and waste. It is surprising that technology can have such an impact on a child and their future, when it all started as a device to play games and pass time.
Digital media is a medium with multiple uses, and that is a huge affordance because it’s what is making media the way of the future. It is used daily and for many different reasons, and now for kids of all ages. (Don Norman reading)