Project 1

I looked at this website, and what caught my eye was that it is questioning learning styles and effectiveness of reading from a computer screen compared to a hard copy source like a book. This applies to us in class because we have readings each week and they are online, but we could also try and find the readings in a book instead. It’s the difference between a .pdf reading versus a walk to the library to grab actual text. This way of learning – reading from a computer screen or tablet – is changing the way people learn and influencing their future.

Many schools are signing deals with Apple to put iPads in the hands of every student at the school, and some have already made that technological jump. A recent study from the Kaiser Family Foundation has noted that on average kids from the ages of 8-18 spend 7 hours and 38 minutes with digital media daily, this is a lot of time in front of an electronic screen and since young teens brains are not fully developed, it can lead to learning problems or more serious issues. The teen brain is very malleable and the way kids learn at a very young age will result in how they learn for the rest of their life. This means technology has a very large impact on teens and their future.

Another study, one produced by the Common Sense Media report, showed that just as many kids have iPads as adults did two years ago. What that means is that there are more and more kids looking at iPad screens each day, and there are the same amount of kids looking at those screens as there were adults just two years prior. That is surprising, because now that we know technology at a young age can greatly affect a child’s life, it is surprising that an iPad is replacing books and homework material and hard/physical school work. Classrooms are starting to make a technological jump, and that will mean libraries in the future will be almost non-existent because the internet is now the number one source of information around the world.

apple-ipad-miniTechnology is starting to grow, the internet is starting to boom, digital media is becoming a lifestyle instead of just a way to pass the time. Technology in no way is bad, it is merely changing the way people think and look at situations. It is bringing new ideas to mind and allowing one to experience different cultures and mediums; just like Digital Technology and Culture.